Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wave Hello!

You know that spike-y attachment thingy that comes included with most blow dryers?  Well, that's a diffuser.   Like many of you, I never gave it any thought.  It would always end up in the black hole under my bed or some other equally obscure area.  The one time I tried to use it, it was poof city.  I dug this thing out a few months ago and have been using it after every shower, no matter how I'm planning to style my hair.  A diffuser is great for those of us who have a natural wave or curl because it allows an even air flow to dry the hair and avoid frizz.  It's a great way to enhance your natural texture for an easy everyday look.  It will come out different for everyone, depending on what kind of hair you have.  For those of you with straight hair, you can use this method to add a lot of volume without the frizz.

What you'll need:
  • Heat Protector (I used this one)
  • Blow dryer w/diffuser attachment
  • Hairspray or texturizing spray

  1. Spray on your heat protector.  Try not to skip this step!  Even though we're not using a ton of heat, it's important to protect your tresses any time you use heat.
  2. Starting at the ends, feed a 1 1/2 inch section of hair into the basin of the diffuser, fitting it around the different spikes as you go. At this point the blow dryer is still OFF. Bring it close to your scalp and hold it there.
  3. You can turn on the blow dryer now, at a lower setting. Hold it there for approx. 30 seconds.  You'll want it to be about 70% dry.  Don't worry if it's still damp--by allowing it to air dry a bit, you'll get a natural look.  Be careful not to burn your scalp!  Try pointing it up but away from your scalp.
  4. Before you let the section of hair down, turn the blow dryer off.  Don't take the hair out of the diffuser until you turn the blow dryer off to minimize the frizz and keep the hair smooth. 
  5. You'll want to repeat this method all the way around your head, section by section.  I have pretty thick hair and it takes me about 15-20 mins to finish my hair.  I also blow dry the front layer with a round brush separately.  I've been loving a messy beach wave lately so I used some surf spray to give it some texture.
You can leave it at that for those rushed mornings to the office or add some more defined curls with a curling iron.  This would also make a great foundation for updo's since you'll have a textured base that will hold up in bobby pins well.

I hope you all give those diffusers a second chance!  Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. OMG! I just found use for the "spike-y" thing!! How exciting. Trying to experiment as my hair gets longer and I have natural waves but you just made my day. Excited to put it in use. Yous the bomb!