Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beat the Heat

Oh em gee, it's hot out! Like that gross, humid kind of hot--you know, the kind of heat where it's just too hot to move.  So naturally I'm allowed to leave the dishes for another less brutal day.  All I want to do is cool down with this pint of caramel cookie dough gelato.  In all honestly, I was only supposed to go to the supermarket for cheese, coffee and dish soap (the essentials, of course) but somehow, I ended up in the freezer aisle.

Weird, right?

And also, I forgot to get the cheese.  Fail.

--what I'm wearing--
Dress by Raviya
Shoes byExpress
Purse by J. Crew
Jewels by J. Crew, Madewell, Vintage

--get the look--
Don't overdo it when it's warm outside.  Stick to breathable fabrics and leave the chunky jewelry (that can make you warmer and stick to your skin) at home.  No one looks cute when they're uncomfortable!  Color is your best friend so be bold.  If you have a warm undertone (think J.Lo, Eva Mendes) then warm colors, like corals and oranges, will suit you best.  On the other hand, if you're cool toned (Carmen Diaz, Anne Hathaway), you may want to try blues and purple.  It's hot--you're not going to wear a face-full of make up so playing up your natural beauty is key.

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