Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Orange Rush


It's too chilly for May!  Also, I somehow managed to convince myself that it's Friday.  The harsh reality of a Wednesday was a serious blow.

So I put on my happy shoes.  Sometimes I feel like we are always talking about do's and don'ts in fashion or keeping up with trends.  Who comes up with these trends anyway? (Anna Wintour, I know it's you).  Well, I'm here to tell you that the Fashion Police only exists on the E! network.  You are entitled to wear what you want.  So if a pair of funky, be-flowered wedges are going to get you through a cold Wednesday then so be it!

...I'm half hoping you, dear reader, will leave a comment below--something along the lines of "Silly girl, IT IS friday!"

Happy, happy hump day :]

Jacket:  J. Crew
Scarf:  J. Crew Factory
Denim:  Madewell
Shoes:  Bandolino
Purse:  South Moon Under


  1. super cute! I love the little flowers on your flats <3

    1. Thanks Mandy! Love little details like that <3