Sunday, June 16, 2013

Forever Young

I celebrated 24 years of life yesterday...another year older and hopefully, a little wiser, too.  Is it time to get serious now?  No, I think I'll worry about that at 25...right? Right.

Here's a few things the future me needs to remember:
1.  Housework is really not fun, but it's even worse when you let things accumulate. Do a little bit daily.
2.  No one else in my life will ever love me and care for me like my momma.  Not even close.
3.  Money may not be everything, but it's important to use it (or not use it) wisely.
4.  I am happiest when I'm being creative--whether it be in the kitchen, in fashion, in decor.  Don't get too busy for that or stifle it for other responsibilities. 
5.  Love is cooperation.  Nothing good will come out of going to bed angry.
6.  When you are surrounded by beautiful, loving, bright friends, your life will also be beautiful and loving and bright.

Feeling blessed and grateful for all the kinds words.  Muchos gracias!

--what I'm wearing--
Dress:  J. Crew Factory
Purse:  South Moon Under
Shoes:  Aldo
Jewels:  J. Crew Factory, Fossil, Anthropologie

--get the look--
An easy knit dress can be styled in a cinch.  I added a belt to nip me in at the narrowest part of my body.  One of kind jewelry and a stacked heel is all you need to dress it up but don't hesitate to keep it even more relaxed with cute sandals.

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  1. Happy birthday to the creative genius behind the only fashion blog I ever need to check (unless you count Pinterest)! I love your words of wisdom, and #2 is 100% truth <3