Monday, October 28, 2013

Isle Be Fair

Sweater: J. Crew Men's (similar) // Jeans: Gap // Jacket:  J. Crew // Purse:  Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Madewell

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It was time to start digging deeper into my closet for warmer pieces--or in this case my boyfriend's closet.  Technically, only sweaters made in Fair Isle can be called Fair Isle but as it's loved by geezers and hipsters worldwide, there's countless of takes on them.  There's something about this classic motif that makes it perfect for a fall weekend.  I particularly like the way the pattern incorporates some great colors.  So naturally, I paired it with my bright red pants to pull some of those colors out.  I spent my Saturday in New Hope, PA--a charming little town just over the NJ border--eating and window shopping so my trusty moccasins kept me warm and comfortable for a little exploration with my love.  And by love, I mean coffee. 

Just kidding, R.

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  1. Super cute! Love the coat draped on your shoulders. Also love your necklace--I wore the same one at my wedding! xo