Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Product Review: L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

Product Review: Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

This foundation is marketed as a liquid foundation that magically transforms on contact to a flawless powder like finish.  I was instantly intrigued because anything described as a "powder-finish" is music-to-my-oily-skin-ears.  I picked up a bottle to test out this revolutionary formula.

I chose my shade out of the 15 that are available.  The packaging is a slim glass bottle of substantial weight with a twist-off cap.  The first thing I noticed was how watery the consistency was.  For that reason alone, I wish it was more fool-proof (a.k.a. ME-proof) because if it were to open and spill, it'd be all over.  After giving it a good shake, I apply it with fingertips, as directed on the bottle, working in small sections.  It is build-able in coverage but you really have to spend the time to work it into the skin.  I recently tried applying it with a Real Techniques expert face brush and it worked well together.  It's a flawless finish, if the texture of your skin isn't too too bad.  Trust me, my skin is far from perfect but this holds up well against my large pores and dark spots.        

I love how lightweight this foundation is.  When I look closely, I can't see where foundation meets skin.  Somehow it manages to blend in perfectly, for that 'no-makeup' makeup look.  I did wear this without a setting powder the first few times to test the longevity.  It was a medium--I saw some separation around my nose and mouth by midday. After that I used my Rimmel Stay Matte translucent setting powder and that seemed to do the trick.  While the foundation is marketed as a powder finish, I felt that I needed a little extra for my oily skin to stay shine-free all day. 

I think this foundation is ideal for everyday use for those who don't require a heavy-duty, full coverage foundation.  It's suitable for dry to normal skin and passable for an oilier complexion.  The main draw is how remarkable the finish is and how it miraculously transforms to a velvety smooth finish.  I would add this to my top drugstore foundation picks!

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Finish:  Matte
Coverage: Light to medium, not easy to build
Packaging: flat, glass bottle. Product is a very thin liquid, wish it had a fool-proof delivery method.
Staying Power: Just okay--for oily skin, I recommend a setting powder.
Application: Fingertips only, working in small sections. SHAKE WELL.
Price: $12.99 at Ulta
SPF: 18
My Shade: Classic Tan, starting to get too dark as I'm losing my tan.

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