Friday, March 21, 2014

The Hair Cuff Pony

Effortless Beauty--the hair cuff pony

I'm always on the hunt for time saving ideas, especially when it comes to my morning routine.  I'm the kind of person that hits snooze (repeatedly) and that means I almost never ever have time to run a comb through my hair.  Instead of showing up to work in a frizzy mess, I've adopted a few five minute hairstyles that fit in to my hectic mornings.

Now I heard a whisper that scrunchies were making a comeback, but I don't believe it.  I'm opting for metallic accessories for my ponytail--this gold cuff fits the bill.  Don't underestimate the power of the pony!  It's the most effective way to get all the hair off the shoulders and out of the face.  I recently watched this video by Kaley from "letsmakeitup1" and thought it perfectly summarized how to get a perky ponytail.  Adding a simple hair cuff will fool everyone into thinking that you've got it all together and didn't just roll out of bed.  It's as easy as 1-2-3--literally.

Here's how:
1.  I started with second day hair so it's still got a little curl for the day before.  I also tease it just a little to add some volume at the crown.  Gather all the hair up, smoothing away any bumps, and secure it with a regular hair tie somewhat in the middle.  Low ponytails also work for this look but avoid going too high on your head.  The hair cuff is hinged and opens up to fit around the base of your ponytail.  Pull it tight to make sure it will stay put.

2.  Spray down any bits and bobs that may be sticking out.  Of course if you've got curly or wavy hair you can work that in and leave out this step for a messier boho version.

3. Et voila! You can walk out of the house with much confidence and no one will ever suspect just how effortless it was.

P.S. I got my hair cuff here.   

Stay tuned for more five minute hairstyles coming your way.

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