Thursday, December 12, 2013

Extracurricular Edge

Dress: Oasis // Blazer:  Madewell // Purse:  Urban Outfitters // Boots:  Aldo // Socks: Uniqlo // Glasses:  Chanel

My go-to uniform ALWAYS consists of dresses, blazers, and boots.  I can always find a combination of these three things to make an outfit when I'm in a bind and having those "I have nothing to wear" days.  Maybe there's something about the proportions that is flattering, I really couldn't say.  But I do know that if you scroll through the archives here, you'll see this strategy proved again and again.  The look is a little schoolgirl and a little preppy with this acadamy blazer and knee-high socks.    

There, now you know my secret.  I actually have no idea what I'm talking about--I just live in dresses.

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