Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jean Come True

Shirt: Madewell // Jeans: Madewell // Scarf: Madewel // Purse:  J. Crew // Shoes: DV Dolce Vita

I swear this isn't a sponsored post since I inadvertently look like I've just stepped out of a Madewell catalog.  Denim is something Madewell does very well so naturally I had to channel the best of the best.  I may not be Canadian but I do approve of their tuxedo's.  This purse was hiding at the back of my closet and was long overdue for an appearance on the blog.  The screaming fuchsia may be unconventional during the cold months, but I love bright colors all year round.  The peek-a-boo socks and the scarf tie in the colors in the rest of the outfit.  

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