Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Shower

Sweater: Madewell // Jeans: Madewell // Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Purse: vintage // Boots:  J. Crew

The strangest thing happened with the weather this weekend.  It snowed quite a bit here on Saturday but was relatively warm the next day.  The sudden rise in temperature caused the snow to melt but quickly froze again.  As a result, everything was perfectly encased in ice--every branch, every pine needle.  

Mother Nature, you are pretty incredible sometimes.  

We went for a walk in the park.  The snow was just melting off the trees so much so that is sounded like it was raining all around us.  If you see big splotches on my outfit, it wasn't my meal or anything (mainly because we ate AFTER these shots so there is no evidence of those stains), but snow raining down on us!  I, of course, was fully prepared in obnoxiously red rain boots.  You couldn't miss me in a sea of white fluff, no sir ree bob. 

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