Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Primp: Warby Parker Home Try-On Review

I'm as blind as they come without my glasses, or more frequently, my contacts.  So when I ran out of contacts and had to resort to glasses, I realized I'd forgotten how comfortable glasses are.  I've worn these Chanel frames for a few years and decided I was due for an upgrade for some frames that fit my style and made more of an impact.

Enter Warby Parker.  I've admired their brand for awhile. Their styles are fun and modern, with prices starting at just $95.

They offer an amazing program where you can choose five frames online and they ship it to you--for free!  And I mean free shipping both ways, no charge whatsoever.  Well, as long as you remember to send it back (you're allowed five days to choose). 

The frames themselves are good quality and durable.  I've been through my share of glasses and these acetate ones are by far the most durable since it takes a lot to bend it out of shape.  The screws are coated with teflon (the stuff on your non-stick cooking pans) for added durability.  

Take a look at each frame on my face and let me know which one you liked best.

DUCKWORTH in Revolver Black Matte

BAXTER in Striped Sassafras

PRESTON in Whiskey Tortoise

SIMS in Striped Sassafras
ARTHUR in Sugar Maple

I *think* I'm going with Preston but feel free to change my mind.

Check out Warby Parker and get your frames to try-on now!


  1. Preston also gets my vote! I don't honestly have bad eyesight but I've used their try-on service before because I just love trying out glasses. (Yes, I'm on of THOSE people! lol)

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