Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Primp: What's in My Cross-body?

Purse: J. Crew // Wallet: Fossil // Pouch: F21 // Lipstick: Benefit (similar) // Lipgloss: NYX "beige" // Lip Balm: EOS // Hand Moisturizer: Avocado Oil // Face Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte "translucent" // Perfume: Tory Burch

For a few years, I always carried a large handbag and filled it with things I "might" need.  I'd fill it up with everything from band-aids to bobby pins to hand lotion and five different lip products.  Eventually, it was like a black hole for lost things I didn't truly need.  Then I started having back problems (thanks, herniated  disc!) and that's when I started using smaller purses.  Luckily, different designers really embraced the cross-body style and it suited my needs well.  This convenient style has found legions of fans and is perfect for a girl-on-the-go lifestyle.    

Here's a peek at how I keep everything organized in a small purse!

  1. Wallet: A small card-sized wallet houses my cash and credit cards, as well as my business cards.  This wallet also has a zippered pouch for coins.  I hate finding change at the bottom of my purse!
  2. Make-up pouch: It's best to store any make-up needs in a separate pouch, just in case there's a spill or leak--it'll keep the lining of your purse nice and clean.  In here I always have a mini dropper bottle filled with avocado oil (my favorite dry hand and cuticle remedy) and a roller ball perfume.  I absolutely must have a mattifying compact and/or blotting paper for the inevitable shiny face by mid-day and always carry an EOS lip balm. Everything else is interchangeable--if I know I'm meeting someone after work, I'll pack something extra, like eyeliner or mascara for touch-up's.
  3. Lips:  As a lip junkie, I really have to be strict with myself and only allow two products inside.  This changes daily and I usually keep it in a separate compartment so I can switch them out easily.  If I'm wearing a red lip, I'll be sure to carry that tube with me.  For day-to-day wear, I've been doing this pinky-nude lip combo with a nude lipstick and a subtle pink gloss.
  4. In the front compartment, I like to keep a pack of gum, my keys, and a pair of headphones (I walk daily to and from work). 
This system works for me, especially since I never use the same bag for too long.  I can easily transfer my items and switch out products for particular situations.  If I need to pack something larger, like a notebook or my lunch, I simply find a bag to accommodate larger items.  But this way, everything stays relatively organized.  And don't forget to periodically clean out your purse for those pesky receipts and loose change!

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