Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Product Review: Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Review

Sephora, $55

 A new favorite foundation has taken over my make-up routine.  I've been testing this out since November and have been impressed by this formula.  Anything that claims to be mattifying immediately grabs my attention and makes the price tag ($55) a little easier to defend.

The packaging is lovely and high end, as with all Hourglass products.  It's substantial in weight but the real star is this pump.  Am I the only one that gets pumped for pumps?  It's super convenient and just fool-proof all around.  And since dispensing it is such a dream, I find myself reaching for it over some other favorites.

Usually I apply this with my Real Technique Buffing Brush or Expert Face Brush for every day wear.  Sometimes I use my Beauty Blender for an airbrushed effect--using the Beauty Blender creates a beautiful finish with this foundation.  You can also blend it easily with  your fingers.

This "liquid to powder" foundation is obviously liquid in the bottle but once applied to the skin, it sets to a velvety, matte finish--much like a powder.  It's a good option for oily skin in that it truly keeps your face shine-free for a large amount of time.  I still found that I had to powder around midday but it was minimal shine than usual.  I like that it seems to blur my pores but its super lightweight and disappears on the skin.  Since this a "powder" foundation, I noticed that using liquids on top, such as concealer or highlights, seemed to break up the formula if you do a lot of blending so it's best to use only powder products.  I don't set it right away with a powder and only use a setting powder when I feel a bit oily around the t-zone.  My cheeks and other areas stay relatively matte with any powder.

This shade is also fantastic and I think they have a good selection to choose from (18 shades last time I checked).  This is easy to find at Sephora and other department store retailers.

Finish:  Matte
Coverage:  Medium to full
Packaging:  Heavyweight bottle with pump--my favorite for foundation
Staying Power:  A solid 4-5 hours before I start to show some shine.  I did notice it started to seperate near the bridge of my nose when I wear glasses (other foundations generally don't do that)
Application:  I use a buffing brush or a beauty blender
Price: $55 at Sephora
My Shade: Honey--perfect match to my medium skin with great yellow undertones

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