Saturday, March 29, 2014

Primp: The Diagonal French Tip Tutorial

A French manicure is always classic but maybe a little too tame in the nail art culture of today.  With spring fast approaching, here's a colorful twist on the French.  Straight from the runways, this is a simple look you can re-create at home.


What you need:
-neutral base color
-pop of color
-tape or striping tape
-top coat

1. Paint a base color in a neutral tone ( I used OPI "mimosa for mr. and mrs.) Be sure to let this layer dry completely .  
2. Use tape to section off a diagonal section  I used striping tape, but you can easily use regular Scotch tape.
3.  Paint over the exposed nail in your bright shade (I used OPI "wacky laki") While the paint is still wet, carefully peel off the tape.
4.  Be sure to add a top coat to tie the layers together and add shine.

I love the way that neutrals and a bright color look together, but you can mix and match any colors you'd like.  Have fun!

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