Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Primp: Spring Products with Revlon

The long wait for spring is over!  And with that change comes a change in my make-up routine. I put away my full coverage foundations and moody lipsticks to swap them out for bb creams and moisturizing lip butters.  I'm drawing inspiration from Mother Nature and the budding flowers in all kinds of rosy hues, especially this brighter-toned fuschia.  It's eye-catching and cheerful.  On the face, these fresh pinks create a youthful, healthy glow.

Here's how:
-BASE: Skip your usual moisurizer and apply the BB cream using your fingertips.  If you need extra coverage on spots or dark circles, reach for your concealer.
-BLUSH: The lip butters provide a glossy, sheer wash of color so I like to use this on my cheeks to add a beautiful flush.  Using your fingertips, just pat the color on to the apple of your cheeks and blend away.  The texture is so creamy, it melts right in.
-SET: If you're prone to shine, go ahead and use setting powder down the center of the face.
-EYES: Using the lightest shade in the eyeshadow palette, dap it in the center of the eyelid to create a wide-eyed, brightening effect.  Pat a small amount underneath the brow bone to lift the eye up.  I also like to take what's left on my finger to highlight down the center of my nose and cupid's bow. Be sure to add mascara--it's makes a big difference!
--LIPS: Apply a wash of color using the lip butters straight from the bullet.  It's pigmented enough to tie the whole look together but forgiving enough to be able to apply with out a mirror, making in the perfect product for girls on the go--don't forget to throw it in your purse for touch-ups!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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