Thursday, April 24, 2014

Product Review: Lush "Love Lettuce" Fresh Face Mask

I love face masks.

No, no--I LOVE face masks.  They are easily the best part of my skincare routine and I probably have and use more masks than necessary, rotating them depending on what they do.  Any night of pampering includes a bath, a mask and a manicure.

Lush, known for the handmade natural products, do a great line of "fresh" face masks.  They use fresh fruit, veggies, juices, extracts, etc so they MUST be stored in the fridge to prevent spoilage.  For that reason, they are only available in-store but you can read about each one here.  I've tried a few different ones but Love Lettuce is my favorite so far.  

Love Lettuce is an exfoliating mask that gently buffs away dead skin cells with ground almond shells when it's time to take the mask off.  The kaolin clay draws out impurities and unclog pores while the French lavender, seaweed and honey moisturize and sooth the skin, which helps balance oily complexions.  It's a multi-tasking mask and one of the best I've used.  I just apply a generous amount all over, let is sit for 10 minutes and then remove it with warm water, rubbing in small, circular motions.  My skin is amazingly soft and glowing afterwards.  Even after I take if off, I can smell the fresh lavender so I love using it at night for a relaxing experience.  The sensation of applying it straight out of the fridge takes some getting used to it but it's nice how cool and refreshing that it is. 

Be sure to read about the other Fresh Face Masks and find the one that fits your needs.  I have yet to try one I didn't like but wanted to highlight this stand-out. 

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