Monday, June 16, 2014

Lookbook: Birthday Picnic (Tommy Hilfiger Summer)

Dress: c/o Tommy Hilfiger // Hat: c/o Tommy Hilfiger // Shoes: c/o Tommy Hilfiger // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 

Today I turn 25 years old.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Is this when I start lying about how old I am and stay 25 for the next ten years?  A lot friends are getting married and having kids but I'm more concerned about whether or not I should Instagram my next meal (this is kind of a joke--we all know it depends on the lighting, duh).

At 16, you get your license.  At 18, you get to vote.  At 21, you can legally drink.  And at 25, you picnic in the park in a pretty pleated dress.  As Rob couldn't get today off, we celebrated a day early together with a Sunday drive and the picnic of my dreams.  Any time we stopped, he gave me a little (and not-so-little) present along the way.  I am well-loved and spoiled. 
I had to save a dress this good looking to wear on a special day.  Does anyone else do that?  I have a fear of wasting a perfectly good outfit on an uneventful day.  Completely irrational, I know. This is part two of my looks with Tommy Hilfiger X Garden State Plaza.   Here's the first outfit, in case you missed it!

Thank you all for the sweet, sweet birthday wishes in various forms of communication today!  I love you all so much :D


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