Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lookbook // Three Must-Have Hats for Spring

 I'm not a hat person, per say, but I do love my accessories.  You can really kick your outfit up on notch with the addition of some headwear.  I like anything that allows me one more day before I absolutely HAVE to wash my hair.  If it also provides extra sun protection, then I'd be silly to forgo it.  And who likes windy day when your hair is whipping about and getting stuck to your lipgloss?  Not I.  What I'm trying to say is that hats are just as practical as they are adorable.
Here are my classic go-to picks for Spring:

1 // The Panama Hat

Probably the most popular currently, Panama hats are the perfect combination of effortless and chic.  It's an every day option, not too over-the-top for daily activities.  I like to pair it with feminine dresses to add a touch of masculinity to the outfit.

2 // The Floppy Hat

 The fun, bohemian choice is a floppy hat for those days spent in the sun.  Picture days at the beach or a Sunday flower market run.  It pairs well with maxi dresses, bikinis and drinks that have umbrellas.

3 // The Baseball Cap

For adding that perfect tomboy style, the essential baseball cap is a must.  Nowadays, they come in all kinds of prints and fabrics to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Especially good for bad hair days, I've been pairing mine with lots of denim and joggers.  They also work well with flirty dresses and a pair of Converses. 

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