Sunday, April 19, 2015

Product Review // Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Revlon recently launched a collection of HD lipsticks. The range uses a new wax-free formula to deliver true color clarity and a high definition color payoff in one swipe.  Since it's wax-free, the lipsticks shouldn't feel too heavy but of course, you still get that intensity of color.  They come in 20 shades--a few nudes and wearable pinks all the way to really bright reds and oranges.

I tried out three shades from the whole range.

HD ROSE: an every day rosy pink
HD POPPY: a vibrant warm-toned red
HD DAHLIA: a marsala brown-red

These lipsticks are really lightweight and comfortable to wear.  They feel moisturizing and have a gel-like, lip balm consistency.  I love the shade range and how vibrant some of the color are.  HD Rose is more on the sheer side but I like it for a "my lips but better" shade.  It's easy to stash in your handbag and apply on the go for a subtle lip.  HD Poppy is a nice color but it's also on the sheer side so you'll need to nude out your lips or use a lip liner to get the intensity.  HD Dahlia is a flattering color on more tan skin tones as a browny-red (maybe not for spring but later on this year).  The lipsticks all have a glossy finish.  They also have a sweet scent--it's pretty strong so that could be a con but it doesn't bother me.

I found that I didn't get a one swipe color payoff as the product description claims.  I don't think they're as pigmented as they are marketed to be.  They also don't last on the lips and require re-application.  I like the clear packaging to see the color but the bullets stick out of the tube even when twisted all the way down, making it very easy to nick it when you take the cap on and off.  Again, if you don't like scented lip products, stay away.  

Top to bottom: HD Rose, HD Poppy, HD Dahlia

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