Friday, May 29, 2015

Primp // DIY Beach Waves Spray

Last week I listed my favorite sea salt sprays on the market today in this post.  I've found that these kinds of sprays are the best to enhance the natural texture of your hair.  I think our generation has been spoiled by all the great heat styling tools available and now all I hear is how damaged our hair is (myself included).  I've made a real effort to lay off the heat and rely on a few styling products to tame my frizz and add waves on a daily basis.  Now if you're still having trouble, here's a  a fool proof DIY recipe that you can customize to best suit your natural hair texture.  


The best part is that you can add/subtract quantities to make this work for you.  If you find that this ratio is drying for your fine or damaged hair, add more conditioner or oil to nourish your hair.  And if you think you want even more texture, add more sea salt!  It's really simple and costs less than most store-brought sprays, especially since you'll have some of this stuff on hand already.  Have fun concocting your DIY spray!

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