Thursday, May 7, 2015

Primp // How To Depuff Your Eyes Instantly (without makeup)

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Rough night?  Special occasion?  Or maybe it's allergy season and your eyes are as puffy as ever.  I have a little routine I stick to when my eyes are feeling extra tired or I'm having a proper pamper session (most Friday nights, in case you were wondering).  You actually don't need anything special but one key factor can instantly depuff your eyes to look and feel more awake.

The main component is simple: COLD.  Let me explain.  In the same way you would use ice on a swollen bump, applying something cold on your eyes is, in my opinion, the fastest way to visibly reduce the puffiness in a very short amount of time.  If you're in a pinch, ice cubes work miracles.  You can also grab a bag of frozen vegetables (peas or corn work best) since they mold to the shape of your eye.  Alternatively, the ever popular two spoon method is also effective (two frozen metal spoons over each eye).  If my main concern is soothing my eyes, I like to soak two cotton pads in cold rosewater (I keep a bottle in the fridge) and place them over my eyes for a few minutes. 

For daily use or when I need to run out the door, I like to keep an eye treatment in the fridge, currently this one.  That way I can apply something cold and refreshing before continuing on with the rest of my skincare or makeup. 

These products are ideal for keeping refrigerated:

On those special occasions or when I'm taking extra good care of myself, I love using an eye mask.  My favorites are fiber masks ($5) because they're soaked with skincare benefits, too.  I make sure to have these on hand before any bridal make-up because they make such a difference.  The same rule applies--for maximum effectiveness, just stick them in the fridge before you're ready to use them.  I'm also in love with this gel eye mask ($6) because it remains cold the longest. The great thing about these particular masks are that they are not expensive.  I've tried some high-end versions and while I think they're luxurious and lovely to use, cheaper ones get the job done just as well.

Here are some other eye masks I've tried in the past that work well:

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