Monday, May 25, 2015

Product Review // Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Foundation has come such a long way since I first started dabbling in make-up as a teenager (probably in the form of Cover Girl's powder compact that was a few shades too light for me). I can never test too many base products because it's the most important part of my make-up, for whatever look I may be going for.  If you get a long lasting, undetectable foundation in the right shade, then the rest of your makeup is a piece of cake. I like to mix products to get just the right concoction for my skin. Now give me the option of pure pigment and let me mix it in with my perfect moisturizer, serum, etc and I'm like the mad scientist of makeup--which is exactly what CoverFX achieved with their Custom Cover Drops. 

The beauty of this little bottle is how you have complete control with it.  Add one drop to your daily moisturizer and you have yourself a tinted moisturizer.  This is ideal for me since I have oily skin and most tinted moisturizers are too dewy on me.  But if I know my mattifying moisturizer doesn't make me shiny, then it's the perfect base to add pigment to.  Now if it's more coverage you're after, simply add a few more drops in.  So already you can have a sheer tint to a full coverage foundation in a matter of drops.  They've engineered some technology in it that will magically blend into any of your favorite beauty products, whether it's water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based.  You can also add this to any of your current foundations to correct the shade (there's an incredible shade range available) or add coverage.

The product itself is a thin liquid and I like that it's packaged with a dropper--otherwise, it could get pretty messy.  The product will start to run if you use the back of your hand as a mixing palette, like me.  It's always cool to see the color seamlessly blend in to whatever you choose to mix it with.  Below I used my Skin MD moisturizer, a lightweight and non-greasy one I use most days, and added maybe a drop and a half of the custom color.  You can see how it overtakes the cream to and leaves a sheer to medium tinted coverage.  It's really easy to customizer it to suit your needs.

And it applies like a dream.  Hardly detectable, these pigments are super concentrated and super smooth.  I think it applies best with either a buffing brush (the Cover FX one or the Real Techniques one) or a beauty blender sponge.  I've used the custom cover drops as stand alone foundations, without mixing anything else in, and it is beautiful on the skin.  Since it's such a thin formula, it doesn't cake up and leaves a natural finish.  It does, however, settle into any fine lines but nothing a little finishing powder can't take care of. 

So far, I've mixed it with my Skin MD, this Mineral Veil Primer (favorite), this Photo Finish Primer, this BB Cream (review here), this CC cream, this foundation and even this face oil.  I have to say--I loved the finish with everything I've tried thus far.  I've heard that it's tricky mixing it with certain SPF's because of the white caste but I didn't have a stand-alone SPF to try with it.

Although it is on the expensive side and the bottle may seem small, you have to consider that your mixing a few drops at a time--essentially increasing the longevity of the beauty product you are mixing it with.  I love this idea of customizable foundation and I hope we see more of this type of product on the market.  This is definitely going to be one of my favorite beauty discoveries of this year.

Available for purchase at Sephora.  I wear the shade G60, a good yellow-toned match for my tan skin.  I will probably go up a shade in the winter.

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