Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Product Review // Jaclyn Hill Favorites by Morphe Brushes

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I wasn't going to do this post since the palette has been completely sold out BUT I've been so impressed with the quality of these shadows.  While you can't buy them in a palette like this, they are available as single eyeshadows individually.  The best part? They're $2 (!!!) a pop at Morphe Brushes.  What can you buy for two bucks these day?  A pack of gum maybe?

jaclyn hill favorite palettes

These shadows are comparable to MAC ones that are $10/each.  They are pigmented and blend just as easily.  Some of the metallic shades due tend to have a bit of fall out from the glitter but nothing too bad.  I LOVE the matte shades, especially the warm browns.  There's a great color selection that makes finding dupes to popular MAC and Makeup Geek shadows fairly easy.  This palette has such a good variety of neutrals and mattes, as well as colorful shimmers.  I think it's a good investment to create such a multitude of looks--and a lot of YouTubers have created so many looks using these shadows, including the queen herself, Jaclyn Hill.  After acquiring this palette, I'm officially on a no-eyeshadow buy (until further notice) because it has every color I could need for myself on the daily and for bridal makeup on clients.

That being said, the price is reflected in the packaging.  It's black, plastic and nothing special to look at.  I'm concerned about how protected they are--I'm clumsy and things slip through my hands so I may put them in a more durable Z Palette in the future.
jaclyn hill favorite palettes

To create your own Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette, use the guide below to purchase single shadows and fill them in a palette.  Or you can customize to your liking.  I know it seems hard to believe that $2 eyeshadows could live up to the hype, but these haven't disappointed.  They also have a great selection of other palettes here.

You can use code "JACATTACK" for 10% off your order (Jaclyn's coupon code--I couldn't find an expiration date).
jaclyn hill favorite palettes

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