Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wardrobe Staple // The Denim Shirt

denim shirt wardrobe must have

I will admit that I have a lot of everything--shoes, jeans, make-up, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.  I consider it an occupational hazard of sorts, one that comes with the territory of 1. past job history of working in retail and 2. blogging about fashion and beauty.  Something I've always wanted for myself is living with less.  The idea appeals to my innate wandering gypsy soul since having more things tie you down.  There is freedom in owning less; we are not what we own, after all.  If I've learned anything this past year, it's that money spent on plane tickets and traveling is more meaningful than picking up a new shade of lipstick.

But I also have to be practical--I am as high maintenance as they come.  I like having two different shampoos in the shower (one for daily, one for clarifying...duh) and painting my nails every week with a face mask on is a sacred ritual.  Same with my closet--I like having options so I'm prepared for every occasion from weekend wear to last minute Met Gala invitation.  As I'm preparing for a little world travel (see here), I thought that I could find a realistic approach to a minimalistic wardrobe for a shopaholic (key word: REALISTIC).  So I'm starting a mini-series here on my wardrobe staples and what I absolutely could not do without.  Because let's be honest--if we're going to have less things, they have to be great things.

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1. The Denim Shirt
I honestly don't remember life before the denim shirt.  It's such a basic necessity.  In my opinion, Madewell does it best.  The first one is the perfect wash and despite it's rugged look, I dress it up all the time with slim darker-wash jeans (like these) and a pair of statement heels (like these). The middle one is my go-to for weekend errands.  Throw on a pair of joggers (like these) with white sneakers (like these) and I can conquer any crowded grocery store trip.  Last but not least, the denim shirt in a tunic version that covers your butt.  Because some days you need to be able to wear leggings and the world is not ready to see exactly how much junk I carry in my trunk.  All of these are great for layering--either a nice sweater over a shirt or slipping a tank underneath and wearing the shirt as a jacket.

 I can't wait to finish this series in the next few weeks, one staple at a time.  So stay tuned for No. 2 coming your way soon! 

Here's some more denim shirt options since Madewell's current selection is pretty limited.

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