Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Primp // Six Favorite Essie Polishes


File under "neutral obsession." I can't help but be drawn to these pretty muted shades.  I, of course, have my bright colors but honestly, I find these easy to wear and, as someone who works with my hands, more practical.  Any amount of chipping is glaringly obvious in scarlet red than it is in nude.  As far as formula goes, Essie does tend to chip on me unless I use this combo base coat and top coat.

"Blanc" -- a creamy, snowy white perfect for chic white manicures
"Vested Interest" -- a cool, grayish teal
"Lady Like" -- the most elegant soft mauve
"Just Stitched" -- a warm pink with a pearl finish
"High Class Affair" -- blush nude
"Birthday Suit" -- flattering delicate nude

Lookbook // Hot Tropics


S.O.S--I'm NOT somewhere tropical, sipping a fabulous cocktail.  Please send help!