Monday, November 28, 2016

INSPIRE // Three Ways to Find Inspiration

Although it may look different to each of us, I imagine we all struggle at times to find things that move us.  I always get the sense that there's an endless amount beauty out there that we have the capacity to harness or explore.  It's just finding it and then holding on to it that's the hard part.  For myself, I need to stay inspired creatively to do my job.  For you, it may be an outlet you're seeking.  Whatever our end goal is, I know that there is much inspiration in the beautiful world just waiting for us.  Now when I feel stuck, I turn to three sources to spark my creativity and find joy, passion and purpose. As always, everything pictured will be link down below.


The world is filled with remarkable people with extraordinary talent, compassion and intelligence.  We all have our heroes and those we look up to.  Reading their works or learning more about their story is a good source of inspiration.  Try asking someone you love what's the most important thing they've ever learned and watch their face light up.  I've found that beautiful things happen when we open up and connect with those around us.  I like having books littered around my workspace as a reminder of something I've been inspired by in the past and am always picking one at random to flick through on a whim.  


Ever since I was young, I've always liked the idea of journaling.  I still have my first "journal" from around the age of ten, where I shared my unbearable anguish of chores and homework.  Now keeping a journal means something completely different to me.  It's just an informal space to write down thoughts, ideas or quotes and collect different images and momentos that catch my attention.  Although I rely heavily on Pinterest and other virtual outlets because of my job, I like having something tangible I can hold in my hands.  Ideas can be fleeting so if you have some sort of realization, just jot it down so you can visit it again to and execute the idea with proper planning.


Easily one of the best and most obvious way to reignite creativity is out in nature.  I find myself most at peace whilst outside and able to leave the stress behind.  When you realize how vast our surroundings are, you're able to gain perspective on how teeny tiny our problems actually are.  With a world this special, we should have no time to be bored!  Since I can't travel all the time, I printed my photographs from various trip and have them framed around my room.  It's just another reminder to myself, from myself.  

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

Items Pictured:

Journals: Orange Moleskine // Rifle Co. Notepads // Washi Tape // iPad

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