Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Primp // Best of ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics has been making strides in the make-up industry.  I think they do a great job of combining effective products and good packaging, simultaneously keeping up-to-date with new trends.  There are certainly some amazing finds within this brand, regardless of the cost.  I find myself reaching for these products on the regular.  Today, I'm gathering up 12 products I find to be exceptional and why I love them.  

1. Powder Blush Palette, $6
This is palette is pretty mind-blowing.  You get four pigmented blushes, in both matte and shimmer.  The powders are comparable to higher-end brands and even the colors are dupes for some very popular shades (bottom right = Nars Orgasam). My favorite shade is the warm, bronzy rose in the upper left corner.  I do find the lightest pink shade too light for my complexion, but the deep rose shows up beautifully.  These compacts from Elf make me so happy because you can actually pop out the pans and customize a palette from their other compacts, as well.  I had to re-arrange my Elf compacts before this post since I have I mix them to suit my travel needs.

2. Settings Powders, $3 and $3
Let's talk about some settings powders. The Elf Hi-Def Undereye setting powder is great to stop creasing from your concealer.  It really smooths out that area  Since I have dry undereyes, I use it with my damp Beautyblender for best results.  The Translucent Mattifying Powder is nice under the eyes, too.  I can use it with a brush and a light dusting over my t-zone keeps me matte for a few hours before I have to blot again.  It's a nice size for keeping in the purse and the mirror comes in handy, too.

3. Eye Primers, $3 and $2
As mentioned, my under eyes can get pretty dry and putting any type of concealer on top of that is a recipe for cake face.  The Hydrating Undereye Primer is a helpful aid in that.  It's a lightweight cream that adds moisture but dries to a little bit of a tacky finish so anything I put on top of it adheres better.  On my lids, I like the Shadow Lock Eye Primer to help shadow stay all day.  It's an opaque formula, which means that it'll hide any discoloration or veins so that the true color of the shadow shows up.

4.  Baked Blush, $3
I'm not sure why this is marketed as a blush...because it's clearly a highlighter and a damn good one at that.  This one shocked me.  Seriously, it's one of the best highlighters I've ever tried.  So much pigment in one swipe, smooth and creamy, not glittery at all. I use this to highlight my cheekbones, nose, brow bone, cupid's bow and it looks beautiful dapped in the inner corners of the eye. It's pretty intense.  Elf's baked products are generally all very good quality.
4. Lip Balms, $3 and $6
I'm such a lip balm junkie.  I wear these kinds of products all day, every day because I find most lipstick type products too cumbersome for daily use.  I need products that moisturize my lips and add a little bit of color.  The Conditioning Lip Balm is surprisingly pigments (it comes in more shades) but I love it for the way it makes my lips look and feel.  It's nourishing and smoothing.  The Gotta Glow Lip Tint is great, too.  It adjusts to your pH level to give you a healthy, rosy color.  It's hydrating and feels great.  It's just a sheer wash of color but again, I just love the way it feels on.  When I wear this, my face instantly looks more bright and lively.

5. Foundation Palette, $6
How cool are these?  These are the same kind of palettes the blushes are in so you can see how the little squares come out and you can just mix and match.  These are cream foundations and they come in four shades.  They are a heavy foundation and if you have extremely oily skin, I'm not sure how they would wear on you.  I control the coverage by taking just a dap on a blending brush and using it just where I need it (mainly the center of my face).  I also use it with a nifty little product--the Maqpro Makeup Mixer, a universal makeup thinner, to create a sheer wash of color.  You can also use it as a concealer, bronzer, contour, or highlight.

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