Tuesday, December 27, 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW // Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet (swatches)

Because you can test out too many, right?
Nevertheless, I've been putting the new Lip Magnets to the test for over a month now.  I put them through all the tests and compared them with some of my holy grail lipsticks (see here).  The two shades I have are #400 (four hundred for all) and #505 (second skin).  I'm going to keep this short and sweet with a classic pro/con list.  Let's get straight into it!

Monday, December 19, 2016

LOOKBOOK // Little Red Dress

I'm assuming that not everyone is like me and looking forward to spending the holidays in coordinating PJ's with my family.  I'm guessing everyone else probably has a need for non-sleepwear options so this is for you!  I'm a big fan of red dresses and this is the best time of year to add to the festivities.  Self-Portait is having a moment right now--those details!  I love the combination of risque cutouts and ladylike lace.  There's a few copycats (check Topshop and Zara) in case you're not ready to break the bank just yet.

DIY // Salt Dough Gift Tags

The holidays are a lovely time for creativity and DIY crafting.  Today I wanted to focus on the art of gift wrapping, something I'm quite passionate about (I'm serious)!  Nothing brings me joy like seeing the look on other's faces when they receive a beautifully wrapped gift.  I wanted something simple and rustic this year so I went with brown paper and a gold ribbon.  I was going to buy gift tags but I remembered making salt dough ornaments in school that could work for what I had in mind.  Here's a simple recipe from things readily available in your pantry.  Happy wrapping!

Monday, December 12, 2016

PRIMP // Stocking Stuffers Eva NYC x Old Navy

Here's a quick little gift guide for anyone looking for stocking stuffers!  Eva NYC has the cutest mini packaging on some of their best products.  I haven't tried everything but hair mask and dry shampoo are divine.  The exciting part is that they're now being stocked at Old Navy so they're much more accessible.  If you can't get to a store, I've linked some products online.

Monday, December 5, 2016

PRIMP // Three Natural Hair Products to Try

If I could turn back time, I'd go back to my awkward teenage years and reverse all the irreparable damage I would do to my hair.  I would say no to heat and chemicals.  I would tell that awkward teenager with thick, curly, healthy hair that she would regret trying to change her hair texture in a few years.  Since time travel is yet to be invented, my journey to healthy hair has been a slow one.  It started with overnight oil treatments to condition, SLS-free shampoo's to stop stripping, and hot tools to stop damaging.  Always choosing the most natural method, I'm happy to say I've gotten my hair to a good place.  I know you guys are already familiar with the usual DIY hair treatments so today I wanted to share three products that aren't as popular but have helped me in growing my hair longer and stronger.

Friday, December 2, 2016

GIFT GUIDE // Wish List No. 1

Is it really December already?  I need to kick it into high gear and cross those names off my list!  And reward myself for all this hard work (#shoppingismycardio).  I'll be rounding up more wish lists as we get closer and closer to the holidays so be sure to check back.  For now, check out these gifts for the beauty and fashion minimalist in your life.  If you have a friend who enjoys pretty packaging and luxe details, here are a few options that caught my eye.  Good luck with your shopping!