Hi, my name is Nina and I'm the girl behind A Clothes Call.  I call New Jersey home and to some that may conjure up images of fake tans and leopard print but I assure you my tan is authentic (although, I cannot deny the leopard.  Everything in moderation, right?). I drink a lot coffee and paint my nails much too often.  What started as a personal style blog has slowly evolved into a creative outlet I desperately needed.  Since September of 2014, I've been living in India, a place very near and dear to my heart, on a journey of discovering new inspirations and hopefully, self improvement. 

 A jill of all trades with a wandering imagination, I've been known dabble in:
-photography (events, wedding, photoshoots)
-photo styling/visual merchandising
-makeup (bridal/special occassion)
-hair styling
-cooking and baking
-interior design and home improvement
-wedding/event planning

   I am hopelessly awkward in front of the camera but I want to share what I learn, create, and wear with you all.  

I hope we can be friends.